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I'm a wayward girl from Pittsburgh. I've always been a storyteller at heart. Growing up I told the best stories around the campfire. Now, as a digital journalist, I still tell a pretty mean story, they just happen to be about real people. I'll still tell you a ghost story and toast the perfect marshmallow around the campfire if you'd like. 

Stories of a Wayward Girl

What Millennials Talk About When They Talk About Climate Change. A Video from Solutions Grassroots Tour featuring NAHKO BEAR.

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My dear friend is protesting in Mexico City and has told me to let people know of this. He relayed this message to me “We are coordinating the info with all the cities that are protesting today because there’s literally zero coverage in the news, if something happens, people will be left on their own.”

Please help spread the word.


They are being put there by the police/army itself to attack themselves and make it look like the students are provoking the police

My friend Mason told me about this, just in more detail. So fucked

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a little bit leeward

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