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I'm a wayward girl from Pittsburgh. I've always been a storyteller at heart. Growing up I told the best stories around the campfire. Now, as a digital journalist, I still tell a pretty mean story, they just happen to be about real people. I'll still tell you a ghost story and toast the perfect marshmallow around the campfire if you'd like. 

Stories of a Wayward Girl

I #FeelTheBern

Posted 4 weeks ago

milanville, pennsylvania 

Posted 6 weeks ago

milanville, pennsylvania 

Posted 6 weeks ago
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Why is the United States so far behind? It’s time to #raisethewage

We’re that far behind because widespread poverty is highly profitable to the affluent and powerful.

wtf I just googled the US minimum wage and it’s equivalent to £4.68 that’s pretty fucking criminal

I mean….yeah

Posted 26 weeks ago